Music is the 5th Gospel
— Martin Luther

Martin Luther loved music and brought song to the common people in worship as part of the early Reformation movement. This legacy continues at Holy Spirit, where each week the community joins in lots of exuberant singing together.

The first choir of the community is everyone! Whether joining voices in praise or lament, with sounds of exuberant and effusive to introspective and slow, we all are invited to make a joyful noise together.

On any given Sunday, you could join in a chorus from South Africa or Cameroon with drums, a recently written song or a hymn from the Western world led by piano and other instruments, a classic American or English hymn, and a German or Scandinavian chorale.

An important expression of our shared community and faith is singing together. The HSLC community, like Martin Luther, loves to sing!

In addition to offering music as part of the full community, there are a wide variety of musical groups that your participation in is very welcome! Click below to learn more about HSLC's varied music ministries, and complete the form at the bottom of this page to connect with HSLC's director of music and worship, John Sparkman, to express your interest in participating.

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