Vocal Ministries


Adult Chancel Choir


The Chancel Choir is a group of about 40-50 mixed-voice singers who sing in four-part harmony. A wide variety of music is shared. With practices in the sanctuary on Thursday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm, anyone who likes to sing is warmly invited to be part of the choir, no experience necessary! The basics of music and singing in a group are taught. We generally sing at one or two services per Sunday, and take one Sunday off per month. We also prepare and present a seasonal concert, usually during Advent. If you are interested in joining or have any questions about choir, please contact the director, Eric Peterson, through the church office, or John. We're a very supportive and encouraging group of people -- plus we have a lot of fun!



At Holy Spirit, cantors are vocalists of all ages who help to lead the people’s song in worship, usually at services when the choir is not scheduled. The community is often in need of individuals to serve in this capacity. In addition to helping lead congregational song, cantors often also share vocal solos in worship, or are combined to sing duets or small vocal ensembles. There are many opportunities to prepare and present vocal music at our weekly and special services, and from time to time at weddings and memorial services. Rehearsals are scheduled individually as needed. If you are interested in exploring opportunities to serve as a cantor at Holy Spirit, contact John at music@hslckirkland.org.


Lorica is a small vocal ensemble that has been singing together for decades!  Led by Mary Schroeder, this group of long-time friends and musicians offers music about once a month in worship, usually offers an evening of music during Advent.


Jubilate is an evening of singing, musical exploration, learning, and playing together for children on Wednesday afternoons from 5:30-6, just before the community meal.  Designed for kids age four through second grade, Jubilate learns songs that foster core values of following God, explores instruments, and learns basic musical concepts like rhythm, note identification, and teamwork. We have a lot of fun along the way! Contact John with questions, and register for the choir at here.