Adult Education & Crossways

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church provides a wide range of opportunities to challenge and nurture our Christian faith through lectures, readings, discussions, and other activities. Childcare is always available for evening classes. We accept donations to cover the cost of staffing.


Wednesday Evenings 7:00 - 8:30 pm • Beginning September 11

This fall we are beginning the FINAL cycle of Pastor Mike’s very popular two-year adult bible study entitled Crossways. The program allows you to read the entire Bible in two years and gives you the historical, theological, and contextual background to ever biblical book. Although the class explores academically challenging concepts, it is not difficult and is taught in a very conversational fashion. Everyone is welcome to attend. Learn more and register here.

Creative Souls

4th Tuesday of every month • 7:00 pm

All of us who think, feel and act creatively come together to share our creative work once a month. Each of us share out (art)work and talk about our process. We all discuss and ask questions about each other’s work and Pastor Larry’s theme for the month. Everyone is invited to join us. 

Wednesday morning BIBLE STUDY

You are invited to join our Wednesday Morning Bible Study.  We meet every week at 11:00 a.m. for an in-depth study of one of the books of the bible.  We have currently started delving into the book of Luke.