Adult Education

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church provides a wide range of opportunities to challenge and nurture our Christian faith through lectures, readings, discussions, and other activities. Childcare is always available for evening classes. We accept donations to cover the cost of staffing.

The theme for this coming year is “Big Ideas” as we explore the various themes and ideas of our faith. The life of faith is full of big ideas. How do we read the bible in modern life? How do we understand the ups and downs of the church’s history, and why does it matter? How do I actually pray? Why do we worship the way we do? How do I work for justice and peace in a chaotic world? This year, we’ll gather on Wednesday evenings around some of these big ideas to ask big questions and wrestle with them together. You can join us every week, or just for the series that interest you the most. What are your big ideas? Let’s talk about them together.

Big Ideas of the Bible

Wednesdays, September 26-October 17; 7:00 pm-8:30 pm

This 8-week course will focus on the main themes of the bible; which translations are available and the biases of each. The class will aim to present the key ideas of Crossways in a condensed format, especially for those who are not able to commit to the full 2-year program. Click here for registration.

Big Ideas of the Church

Wednesdays, October 24-November 14; 7:00 pm–8:30 pm

This four- session class will cover the early history of the Christian church when structure, creeds and issues of doctrine were established; The Reformation and its impact and the basics of Lutheran theology in today’s world. Click here for registration.

Drawing 101 (Lael Williams)

Tuesdays, October 2-23; 6:30-8:30pm

HSLC member Lael Williams leads this introductory class on drawing for everyone, of all skills and abilities. This is an opportunity to try out new forms of expression that can teach us surprising things about ourselves. No cost. Bring drawing pad and pencils. (4 sessions). Click here for registration.

Grief Support Group

Thursdays September 6-October 11; 1:00 pm

Led by Pastor Rita Anderson

There are all kinds of losses in life that can cause us to grieve. Some of them include: loss of a job or income; loss of physical abilities through accident or illness that make it difficult if not impossible to do the things once enjoyed; loss that comes from divorce; and loss that comes when someone we love dies. Click here for registration.

“Wild Man to Wise Man” A book reading only for Men

Mondays Beginning September 24th; 7:00 pm

Led by Pastor Larry Morris

Why would we bother speaking of a spirituality that is especially masculine or male?…I am convinced that there are different paths because men and women pay attention to different things. Movie makers know that, book publishers know that, advertisers know that, salespersons know that, almost everybody knows that except clergy.” -Rev Richard Rohr (From Wild Man to Wise Man pg 7).

Beginning Monday, September 24 at 7:00 pm a group of men will gather to talk about what we know and what we need. We will use Rev Richard Rohr’s book From Wild Man to Wise Man to start our discussions. We will talk about Male Spirituality, our journey of faith, our own fathers and being fathers, how we grieve, how we see the world, sexuality, and more. The book will give us a start. Our lives will provide the context for where we go. The course will be every Monday to November 5th. Click here for registration.

Winter Adult Education Offerings 

  • Parenting Class: Thursdays

  • Great Decisions 2019: Mondays

  • Big Ideas about Worship

  • Big Ideas about Practicing Your Faith: Wednesdays

  • Drawing 101: Monday Evenings

  • Lutheran Voices: Saturday Morning—Speaker/Date TBD

  • Women’s Retreat: January 25-27 at Rainbow Lodge