The Contemplative Garden: Labyrinth and Columbarium

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church is building a Labyrinth and a Columbarium on our church grounds. Called The Contemplative Garden, it will be a quiet and serene setting where congregants may walk the labyrinth when seeking spiritual reflection and comfort. It will also provide a final resting place for members of our congregation family.

Interest in a Columbarium on HSLC grounds began several years ago. Through the dedicated efforts of our Columbarium Committee, HSLC’s Contemplative Garden is coming to fruition in 2019.

What is a columbarium?

The word “Columbarium” is derived from the latin word “Columba,” or “a nesting place for doves.” It has come to mean a structure with compartments, or niches, for holding urns.

Traditional cemeteries are familiar sites in most communities across America. The columbarium setting is an updated version of an old-time church cemetery. Cultural norms about burial methods are changing rapidly due to financial and environmental concerns.

The rate of cremation in the United States is at an all-time high and has surpassed the rate of traditional casket burial in America. Cremation and inurnment in a Columbarium provide an appropriate means by which a family can ensure their departed one’s remains are in a place of dignity and tranquility.

The idea of being peacefully laid to rest at your church home is a comforting reason for choosing a Columbarium over a traditional funeral. HSLC’s Contemplative Garden will provide the opportunity for holding a memorial service, inurnment and reception in one location. Not only is planning and future visitation made easier, financial stresses may be alleviated as well.


Columbarium Final resting place for cremated remains

Urn Container for cremated remains

Niche Individual space wherein the urn is placed

Inurn To place an urn in a niche

Inurnment The placing of an urn in a niche

Labyrinth A pattern on the ground designed for contemplative/prayerful walk

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may purchase a Columbarium niche?

Current and past members and their families, past and present clergy and their families, and community members associated with HSLC may all purchase a columbarium niche.

How much will it cost?

Each niche will cost $3,500 and may hold one or two burial urns. The cost will include inurnment and an engraved plate containing the deceased name, date of birth, and date of death. The cost of cremation is not included. To ensure your niche location is near other family members, niches should be purchased at the same time.

What other costs are involved in being inured at the HSLC Contemplative Garden?

The memorial service, honorarium for minister, musicians, etc., are separate and subject to the church’s policies and fee schedules.

What about cremains I already have?

You may have them inured in the Columbarium after completion of the Columbarium Agreement and arrangement of a memorial service.

Will I own the niche?

No, the Columbarium Agreement is a license to use the niche. No real property right or interest is created.

Purchasing a Niche

Special 10% discount until March 2019

Prior to March 2019, Columbarium reservations may be made with a $500 refundable deposit. These early depositors will receive a 10% discount on their niche, paying $3,150 instead of $3,500. Before construction begins on the Columbarium in April, depositors will be asked to pay in full for their reserved niche(s). If there has been a change in plans, the deposit will be refunded.

You may either fill out the online HSLC Columbarium Niche Deposit Agreement and a Columbarium representative will contact you to arrange for payment and paperwork, or you may print off and complete the Columbarium Niche Deposit Agreement and submit it with a $500 deposit check (“HSLC”) to the HSLC Office.

Funding for HSLC’s Contemplative Garden

Funding is provided through the sale of niches, donor contributions and memorial gifts which are held in a Columbarium Account located at HSLC. We have been blessed with generous private memorial gifts and “seed” money for The Contemplative Garden.

Future Columbarium walls with additional niches may be added as we are considering a Memorial Wall as well.

Want more information?

You can contact the church office at or (425) 823-2727 to reach a Columbarium representative.