Monthly Library Feature

October 2019: Checking Our Moral Conscience

This month’s book review about The Common Good by Robert B. Reich is written by Pastor Mary-Alyce Burleigh, Associate Pastor. Click here to read the full article.

September 2019: A Journey of Healing

This month John Sparkman, Director of Music Ministries, writes a book review about Shameless: A Sexual Reformation by Nadia Bolz-Weber. Click here to read the full article.

June/July 2019: Moments of Kindness

Summer is a great time to get caught up on reading, or maybe a time to get caught up IN reading. The HSLC Library is filled with many wonderful books, DVD’s and other resources to educate and inspire you, or even encourage action. Our feature book this month, Once Upon A Town, is a profound example of the impact our actions have on others, especially during times of great struggle. So, in addition to reading, we hope summer can also be a time to search out ways to offer your own moments of kindness. Click here to read the full article.

May 2019: A Kaleidoscope - The Beauty is in the Change

Change. What feelings does this word evoke? The world is in a constant state of change. People change. Circumstances change. Sometimes in small ways and sometimes in ways that form a deep chasm, which hopefully we can bridge. Just like a kaleidoscope, our lives evolve and change, and they become more beautiful the more they are used. The point is for the kaleidoscope (and our lives!) to change. Our featured book this month provides a great resource specifically for all the changes women face. Click here to read the full article.

April 2019: Helping Children Embrace Diversity

Our 2019 Lenten focus encourages us to draw our circle wide and to invite others, who may or may not be exactly like us, into our circle. As adults, when we embrace diversity it teaches children to do the same. This month we highlight resources to help children and families explore diversity. Click here to read the full article.

March 2019: Afraid or Informed?

How does our faith compare, connect, contrast with other faiths? Do we embrace or reject alternative points of view? Why? Are we afraid? Fear is often rooted in a lack of understanding. In her new book, Barbara Brown Taylor explores how our faith relates to other spiritual practices and challenges us to connect with people of other traditions. Click here to read the full article.

February 2019: Poverty in the Age of Affluence

Typically, when we think of discrimination, we think about race or religion or disability. Unfortunately, and almost unbelievably, poverty is a rapidly growing segment in America and this group is often the target of discrimination. This month, we feature resources to inform and educate on this topic. Click here to read the full article.

January 2019: A Vision for Renewing the World

January is a time of new beginnings and renewal. To kick off the new year, Pastor Mary-Alyce reviews the latest book by Rev. Dr. Barbara Rossing. Rossing considers the book of Revelation in a new way – as a vision to renew the world. Rev. Dr. Rossing will be a guest speaker/preacher at Holy Spirit in the spring. Click here to read this month’s full library feature.

December 2018: Wrestling with the Mystery

Advent is the season of aw and wonder. And mystery. The mystery of Christ’s birth. This month, Pastor Katy offers her review of Rachel Held Evans’ new book exploring the mysteries of the Bible. Visit the Library downstairs to find this and other inspiring advent books for all ages. Click here for the online library catalog. Click here to read this month’s full library feature.

November 2018: History—A Great Teacher

As we grapple with today’s polarizing views on many topics, it is helpful and relevant to learn from the lessons of history. This month Pastor Mike shares his review of a story set in one of the darkest times in recent history, World War II. Click here to read.

October 2018: Immigration, Refugees and Islam

These are common and sometimes controversial headlines in today’s news. This month Pastor Rita shares her book review and reading list, providing several valuable options to gain knowledge and wisdom on topics that are top of mind in our world today. Click here to read.

September 2018: Silence is safe, but…

Is silence what God commands us to do? Should we remain silent or speak out? HSLC’s Director of Music Ministries, John Sparkman, provides his review of “Interrupting Silence” to help us consider this concept. Click here to read.


August 2018: What to Expect from The Library This Year

As summer winds down, it’s time to gear up for another program year. Many people often ask “what are our pastors reading?” This year the pastors and staff have volunteered to provide a book review to feature in our monthly newsletter. You may want to read along, read ahead, or wait for their review and read later. All books listed are available in the Library. Click here to read.


June/July 2018: Our Love Affair with Animals

Summer is a time to kick back, relax and snuggle up with your favorite book about pets (and probably snuggle next to your pet too). The Library has some great books that share heartwarming and touching stories about the connection between humans and animals. See featured books on the kiosk in the narthex or on display in the library. When the church is open, the Library is open, so stop downstairs anytime to check out a book or two. Stuffed animals are allowed. Click here to read.


May 2018: Stewardship Is...

Stewardship is also about creating something new in our world, in our community and in our lives. And committing to the kingdom of God in the world. What does that mean? Our featured books and authors this month help explore how stewardship, community, and environment are important to help us bring focus to our lives. Click here to read.


April 2018: Walking the Bible

How do we “walk the bible” in today’s world? Our featured authors have spent time researching this idea and have reported their learning in the books and audio CD listed below. These authors aim to make believers and seekers think differently not just about the Bible, but about the entire history of the human imagination. Click here to read.


March 2018: Lent...Building Peace From Within

During March, we venture through Lent and move toward Easter in love, joy, peace, reconciliation, goodness, compassion, and equality. There are many wonderful books and resources in the library to help relax your soul and find your peace within. Click here to read.


February 2018: The Library--A Time and Place to Invest in You

The library committee recently updated the mission statement for the library: To expand the intersection of intellect and spirituality while holding physical space in our busy world for prayer, introspection, and study. This revised mission better reflects the two key points of investing in your intellectual and spiritual self, as well as maintaining a dedicated phsysical space. In addition to the mission, this month's feature also answers some frequently asked questions about the library. Click here to read.


January 2018: Read. Learn. Listen.

This month, we feature authors currently sparking conversations that ask us to explore our vulnerabilities and bring meaning to our lives. Click here to read.


December 2017: Advent. A Season for Reflection, Contemplation, and Celebration.

Advent is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year for both young and old. It is time to center ourselves around the nativity story. The HSLC library has a wide selection of books and resources to support and expand your personal Advent journey. Click here to read.


November 2017: All Creatures...the Lord God Made Them All

During November, the library focuses on humans and their relationship to animals. We all have animals in our life in one way or another. In a recent article entitled "Living creatures of every kind," Julie Kanarr shares her thoughts on why we recognize the blessing of animals in our lives. "In blessing the animals, we affirm our connection with one another and with all of God's beloved creation. Within blessing lies promise, commitment, and inspiration to care for what belongs to God, to live together in peace and harmony and to embrace our calling to be good stewards of all that God has made." Click here to read.


October 2017: It's Time to Celebrate: The 500th Year of the Reformation

October is the perfect month to dig into our roots as Lutherans. Your HSLC library is pleased to feature many books and resources to support the 500-year celebration of Martin Luther's reformation. Click here to read.