Housing and Homelessness


We envision a world in which every person has a safe and stable place to call home. To that end we support and partner with organizations that provide:

  • Emergency shelter
  • Transitional housing
  • Permanent affordable housing
  • Homelessness prevention

See this chart for a list of our housing partners and the services they provide to those experiencing homelessness. 


Housing Assistance Program (HAP)

This is a partnership between Holy Spirit and HOPELINK which prevents evictions from stable housing, and provides move-in assistance for families to get into stable housing. This program, started in 2009, has provided over $80,000 in grants to almost 100 families. Your special designated gifts to HAP will sustain this program into the future.


Hosting Eastside Homeless Encampments

We will be hosting an encampment for the 4th time in the winter of 2014-2015 for up to 100 people experiencing homelessness. These are self-managed organizations that provide a safe and supportive place to reside while seeking more permanent housing, working, seeking work, or attending school.


Habitat for Humanity Builds

We organize work parties in support of Habitat for Humanity projects in East King County. We will be actively involved in one of their projects in Kirkland beginning in the summer of 2015.


Other Activities

  • We provide meals and mentoring to The Sophia Way women's shelter.
  • We provide Christmas gifts and birthday party bags for the children at Francis Village affordable housing near Totem Lake.
  • We collect bus tickets for local men's and women's shelters.
  • There are many other opportunities to support our Housing Ministry partners. If you have an interest, please email the housing team through the church office at office@hslckirkland.org.