Bible Basics Class

One of the Holy Spirit Lutheran Church annual traditions is the Presentation of Bibles to children who have just entered the 2nd grade or older. In addition to presenting the Bible, we offer a Bible Basics class so your child can become familiar with the scriptures. Our next class is scheduled for September 7th, 2019 from 2:00-4:30 pm. Parents/guardians attend this class with their child. On Sunday, September 8th at the 9:30am service, Bibles are presented from parent or guardian to child.  

Placing the Holy Scriptures in your child’s hands is part of the baptismal covenant. During Bible Presentation, you will have the opportunity to present your child with a Bible. This is a ritual that many parents look forward to with great anticipation. Parents are encouraged to write a note to their child. This could include a cherished Bible verse or a special message. The Bible that you give your child will become a guide for their life and faith.

A few final words about a growing faith: a recent study showed that one of the most common elements in the lives of adults with a mature faith is that one of their parents talked with them about faith and God’s love when they were a child. Giving the Bible to your child is important, but its words come alive when you talk with them about it, about values, and about God. We encourage you to read the Bible with your child after you give it to them. May all your children become people of mature faith.

If you have questions about the Bible Basics class or presentation, please contact Becky Cole at