Day 7 and 8

Well, our trip is drawing to a close. We left Tanzania (mainland) yesterday (Saturday) after a long drive from the Ngorongoro Crater back to Arusha to catch a flight to Zanzibar. We had to say goodbye (hopefully just see-you-later) to our wonderful driver, Alex.  When we arrived in Zanzibar,  we were taken on a walking tour of historic Stonetown. This was a primary site of the slave trade up though 1873.  We visited the Anglican church that was built upon the site of the original slave market.  In front of the altar of the church a marble circle has been placed, representing the location of the Jojoba tree that was used as the whipping post during slave auctions. There is red and grey marble around it to represent the blood of slaves that was spilled on the ground around the whipping post.  This was a very somber and eye-opening visit. 

We arrived at our beachfront hotel later last evening and had a late supper before crashing into bed. 

Today, Sunday,  is our last full day in Tanzania. We got to spend the day relaxing--walking the beach, wading in the Indian Ocean,  swimming, or just sitting and reading. It has been a lovely week, and this was the cherry on top. Fully relaxed and recharged, we are mostly ready for the long travel back home--Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam to Addis Ababa to Washington DC  (via Dublin) to Seattle.