Day 5 and 6

Thursday: we went on a morning game drive right after breakfast.  We went a different route through the park and saw many of the same animals as yesterday. The excitement came about midway through the morning when we came across 3 elephants very close to the road. Blocking it, in fact.   We found ourselves up close and personal with these elephants--male, female, and a baby/youth. They walked around the truck several times, often coming so close that we could have touched them (but obviously we did not do so).  We had to wait 20 minutes (maybe more) until we were able to drive past them safely. Even afrer passing them they followed us for a while. We think the female felt safe around our car, as the male was not taking no for an answer from her and was being very persistent.  The rest of the day wasn't quite as eventful, relatively speaking! 

Friday: We left Tarangire and headed to the Ngorongoro Crater today for day 3 of safari. We left Tarangire relatively early, and were met with a group of elephants on the drive to the main gate.  A few hours later we checked in to the Ngorongoro Crater and began our game drive. Flamingos and hippos and a lot of lions were different than previous drives. It was a wonderful day.  After the long and dusty day we made it to our lodge for the night.  Fancy rooms,  overlooking the Crater.  We had acrobatics entertainment before supper, and yet another delicious meal with too much food. Tomorrow we fly to Zanzibar.