Day 4


We left Arusha this morning and headed out for our second phase of the trip. We got to the Tarangire National Park around 10 AM and, after registering, we went out for our first game drive. It was amazing!  We are in a Land Rover with removable panels so we can stand and look through the roof--it's a much better vantage point than through the car window. 

We were blessed to see herds of zebra and wildebeests, elephants bathing in a pool, and warthogs. All that on the way to get to the Tarangire Safari Lodge,  where we checked in, found our tent cabins, had a lovely lunch, and rested forest of the afternoon. 

Partway through the afternoon we met with Eunice Simonson,  who, with her late husband, founded many of the programs we had visited in Arusha. 

We went for our second game drive late in the afternoon and were blessed with seeing more of everything we saw this morning, plus baboons, giraffes, hundreds of birds, a lioness, and a cheetah! 

We ended the day visiting in the lodge after supper, and then we're escorted back to our tents where we remained all night. Animals wander into the camp, as there are no fences around the camp, so we were required to stay inside all evening.