Day 3

Tuesday in Arusha: final full day in Arusha.

We started the day by visiting the Arusha Lutheran Medical Center--the largest and most fully-equipped hospital in the area.  We had the opportunity to meet with their head surgeon, and we were given a tour of the impressive facilities. We also met with Dr. Marc Jacobson, the head of the hospital,  originally from Minnesota. He's been managing the hospital for over 30 years. When we met him, we were able to deliver some monetary donations from the church, intended for the hospital, the nursing school, and Plaster House.

From the hospital we made our way to the ALMC School of Nursing and visited with the principal and able couple teachers and students there. They are working towards training young men and women to be nurses in order to help fill a nursing shortage in the country.

After we visited them for a short time, we went to Plaster House.  This is a rehabilitation facility for children who have had surgery or procedures in order to be treated for such things as burns and scar tissue, cleft lip and palate, and club foot. They work with the ALMC to treat the children, and the kids stay at the facility while they recover. This was a fascinating place to visit, and the kids were amazing. It was very heartwarming and heartwrenching at the same time.

Then back to the Girls School for lunch and to pick up Naomi, Mike 's sponsored student. We got the opportunity to have a Boma visit--a visit to her home and with her family (and friends and neighbors, it turns out). Absolutely amazing and overwhelming experience.

The whole day was amazing and overwhelming. Tomorrow we pack up for safari!