Day 2

Monday in Arusha: we visited the school supply store and purchased the composition books and the chalk for the Girls School as well as the primary school we visited today. These supplies were purchased with funds from the HSLC social justice committee. (Asante sang!)

We visited a primary school in Munduli, and were welcomed warmly by the staff and students. Susan and Marilyn were in heaven helping the little kids, from kindergarten through the equivalent of 5th/6th grade. All of us got a tour of the facilities and visited with the teachers and students. They had all the students assemble so that Mike could greet them, and the kids sang a welcome song for us, too.

We got to visit a workshop where many disabled people were employed to weave, make glass beads from recycled glass, make jewelry, sew various things, and other crafts. Fascinating tour!

We spent time at a fabric/cloth shop as well as a craft market (we got to practice our negotiation skills...). A little intimidating, but most of us were able to get some good deals. Marilyn and Karen were thrilled to get some African patterned fabric.

Lovely day!