Day 1


Our first full non-travel day in Tanzania was spent at the MaaSAE Girls Lutheran Secondary School in Munduli. We met with the headmaster before heading to the church service. When we got to the church service, we were very warmly greeted by all--students and teachers. They start their service by singing as a call to worship; we recognized the first song as What a Friend We Have in Jesus,  but sung in Swahili!  The entire service,  with a few exceptions,  was done on Swahili,  but we could still easily tell when they were saying the Creed and the Lord's Prayer. 

Pastor Mary-Alyce and Mike both were asked to speak,  and they passed along greetings from the church and from OBA.  During the service,  Mike,  Karen,  and Marilyn each got to sit with their sponsor student.  Pr Mary-Alyce and Susan meet their girl after the service. 

From the service,  after meeting and taking with several students,  we were invited to tea with the headmaster and the pastor and his wife, and had a lovely visit with them.  We also got the chance to pass along the donated items (chaucibles, stoles, and chalices for the pastor; laptops, iPods, and school supplies for the headmaster). All were accepted with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for everyone's generosity. 

We were then treated to a tour of the schoolgrounds and buildings; several girls (sponsored students and their friends) were amazing tour guides for us. We saw their library, some of the classrooms,  the school kitchen,  and their basketball and net ball courts/fields. 

We will be back at the school on Tuesday and will get a chance to visit with some of the teachers.  Tomorrow (Monday ) we get to visit the primary school, too.