Library at HSLC

We strive to embody our mission statement:

To expand the intersection of intellect and spirituality while holding physical space in our busy world for prayer, introspection, and study.

As a library committee, we support all of the activities, ministries, and classes of Holy Spirit and actively seek out book titles and materials that add value. We continue to look for ways to make our materials available and easily accessible for church members and friends.

Our library features adult fiction and nonfiction titles including stage of life issues, parenting, substance abuse issues, religious inquiry, prayer, Old and New Testament studies, biographies, and many more. 

We also have a collection of child and young adult fiction and nonfiction titles. Selections also include videos, audiotapes, CDs, and DVDs.


Our entire HSLC library catalog is now available online. Click Here to access our online catalog and see if your favorite titles are available.

Monthly newsletters highlight a new theme each month and continue to be an ongoing way to introduce church members to new titles. 

Our library collection has been greatly enriched by the monetary donations of our members and friends. We offer opportunities throughout the year to donate to our collection.