Kindergarten - Grade 3

Our early and middle elementary students have a variety of interests and ideas. We use a variety of mediums to reach them where they are in their life. We provide something for them throughout the year. Holy Spirit strives to combine things they are experiencing in the world in which they live with what they hear from the Bible. Providing these children and their families with our Lutheran theology basics gives them an opportunity to begin understanding and exploring their faith.


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Elementary Sunday School 9:30am

Students hear and experience the Word of God in a story and station-based program that explores the Old Testament and New Testament stories while following the seasons of the Christian church year. During the hour, children participate in story, crafts, service, interactive play, music, and games!

This program needs adults to serve as station team members, shepherds, and helpers. Parents with children enrolled in this session are encouraged to volunteer. Sunday School service gives an opportunity for parents to fulfill their baptismal promise to provide for the Christian education of their child as well as to grow together in faith with their child. Parents are encouraged to volunteer.  

If you have any questions regarding Children’s Christian Education at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, please contact Becky at

K-3 K'Motion Kids

Families with children in kindergarten through 3rd grade are invited to join us for fun events, service projects, and retreats! Children enjoy spending time with other children in activities and learning. There are times that while the children are working together, the adults will be able to have discussions on topics relevant to them. During the course of the year, we provide opportunities for fellowship, service oriented projects and thought provoking learning.

Upcoming Events

  • Back to School Celebration & Potluck: Sunday, September 8: 4-7:00 pm

    • More details mid-August



Jubilate Children's Choir

Ages 4 - 2nd Grade

Wednesdays 5:30-6:00

Jubilate is our children’s choir with age-appropriate songs and activities. We learn songs, explore instruments, and play games that introduce and reinforce musical skills. Along the way, we discover the different seasons of the church year and Bible stories. New children are always welcome and parents are invited to stay and participate along with their children.

Joyful Ringers (Hand bell choir)

3rd-5th Grade

Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30pm

Our 3rd—5th grade students are invited to participate in our children’s hand bell choir. Experience making music in a fun environment where kids will learn how to read music, or if they know how to read music, how to play as part of a group. We will participate in worship throughout the year, and even do a few concerts outside of church. The wonderful part of playing in a hand bell choir, is kids at different skill levels can all do it, and have a great time. Join the fun, and be a part of this exciting group, and become "Hooked on Hand Bells".

Malia Johnson leads our hand bell choir. She has been playing hand bells since she was in the 4th grade (just a few years ago), has played hand bells around the world, and directed hand bell choirs around the Pacific Northwest for many years. She also was a founding member of the Seattle Bell Ensemble, and is part owner of one of the largest hand bell sets west of the Mississippi. It is quite clear, that she loves hand bells, is "hooked on them", loves kids, and loves teaching them how to be part of the worship at Holy Spirit.

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Once-A-Year Classes

The Bible Basics class is offered in early September and designed for children who have just entered the 2nd grade or older. They learn about the Bible and are then presented with their own Bible in worship on reCONNECTion Sunday in September. Parents attend the class with their child.

Our Communion Connections class is designed for 3rd grade students and their parents. It is an opportunity for families to learn about the sacrament of communion. Class is held in the spring.