Big Ideas Class Recordings

The theme for this year at HSLC is “Big Ideas” as we explore the various themes and ideas of our faith. The life of faith is full of big ideas. How do we read the bible in modern life? How do we understand the ups and downs of the church’s history, and why does it matter? How do I actually pray? Why do we worship the way we do? How do I work for justice and peace in a chaotic world? This year, we gather on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30 pm around some of these big ideas to ask big questions and wrestle with them together. You can join us every week, or just for the series that interest you the most. What are your big ideas? Let’s talk about them together.

Big Ideas about Worship

Join John Sparkman and Pastor Katy as we explore Lutheran worship, music, and liturgy. Why do we worship the way we do? How has worship been shaped and changed over the years? How do Lutherans understand baptism and communion? We’ll talk about this and more as we think about worship together.

Big Ideas in the Church

How did the church become…well, the church? We’ll spend four weeks talking about early church history, the impact of the Reformation, and what’s happening to Christianity around the world today. Led by Pastor Mary-Alyce and Pastor Katy.

Big Ideas in the Bible

Pastor Mike leads this four week class that looks at some of the biggest themes and questions woven into the bible. The class begins with the creation story and how it helps us understand the place of humanity in the universe; asks how the bible deals with evil and suffering; talks about the meaning of Jesus’ death; and gives you a chance to ask anything you want. You don’t need to attend all classes. Come whenever you can. Recordings of the class will be available here.