You’ll find that Lutheran worship is often very similar to Catholic mass. The Lutheran church is part of the “liturgical tradition.”

Join us for Sundary Worship:
8:00, 9:30, 11:00am

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church is located on the corner of 100th Ave and 124th Street.

For Your Kids

Rainbow Kids (Preschool) available during 9:30am service

K - 5 available during the 9:30am and 11am services

Time 4 Tweens (6th Grade) available during 9:30am service

Breakfast Club (Jr & Sr High) available during 11am service

High School


Here at Holy Spirit we call our High School Programming “Oasis." The dictionary defines the word “oasis” as “something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.”

Our goal is to be a refuge from the usual; a place where we grow and are challenged in our faith in Christ, where we encourage and support each other, where we can be ourselves and everyone belongs, and where we have tons of fun together!

At Oasis, we have a weekly Youth Group, fun monthly fellowship events, and quarterly overnight events including lock-ins, retreats, and more.


Upcoming Events

Oasis Youth Group -- Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm

Our weekly Oasis Youth Group meets every Wednesday in the Preschool Area. We switch off between adventures outside the church (like bowling, scavenger hunts, and trampoline fun), and hanging out together at HSLC for an evening of games, conversations about faith, snacks, and fun! Come join our weekly get-together open to youth grades 9-12. 

April 26th Youth Group at HSLC

May 3rd Progressive Dinner--We will meet at HSLC, and then head out for dinner at 4 different fast food restaurants; drinks at one place, fries at another, burgers at another, and dessert at yet another restaurant. Bring your appetite and a sense of adventure! ($10)

May 10th Youth Group at HSLC

May 17th Roller Skating & Bowling--That's right, we'll go to one place with both options! Bring socks and $10.

May 24th Youth Group at HSLC

May 31st Last Youth Group of the Year!





Holy Spirit Lutheran Church is committed to keeping children safe and asks all adult volunteers to attend our Safe Haven training.